Mabati Yetu is synonymous with quality building products in the Kenyan market. Quality products are beautiful and long-lasting.

There are solid reasons why your Mabati Yetu roof of your dream house will remain beautiful for many years. Mabati Yetu Factory is one of leading Mabati factories in Kenya and makes the best roofing products which are rust-free, fade-free and last up to 5 times longer. Mabati Yetu Factory produces premium quality Mabati that come with a fade-free warranty of 15 years under normal condition. We offer high quality Mabati and the best Mabati prices in Kenya.

  • Mabati Yetu Factory uses high quality materials made using advanced heat fusion technology in painting to prevents fading and makes the sheets withstand the harsh weather conditions in Africa and last a lifetime.
  • Galvanized steel made of iron and zinc rusts early, especially in areas with high humidity and saltiness. Mabati Yetu Factory uses Galvanized steel made using aluminum and zinc, it is called ALU-ZINC. Aluminum does not rust, it lasts. the price of ALU-ZINC is high compared to galvanized iron or a mixture of iron and other minerals.
  • Our coils have a coating that protects the metal from rusting and thus prolong the service life of our roofing sheets. The colored coils are rigorously tested both physically and chemically to assure the quality of every you purchase from us.
  • Mabati Yetu Factory uses ultra modern technology and production methods to manufacture high quality roofing sheets. 
  • All our Mabati profiles are certified by Kenya Bureau of Standards.

Visit or call Mabati Yetu Factory for the best cost of iron sheets in Kenya. We manufacture all types of roofing sheets from corrugated iron sheets, box profile Mabati and metal roofing tiles. Our factory is conveniently located and is easily accessible from Ruiru, Mombasa road and the Eastern, Southern and Western bypasses. It is 10 minutes from CBD through Nairobi Expressway and less than 15 minutes from Westlands.