Buying Mabati? Don’t be scammed!

Building a house is an important milestone and you need to work with the right suppliers to get value for money. Here at Mabati Yetu Factory, we always advice our clients to shop safely:-


We always advice our customers to visit our Mabati Factory in Embakasi. Our diaspora customers can select to send their representatives to visit the factory or request for a virtual factory tour. By visiting our ultra-modern Mabati factory you’re able to confirm:

  • The Registered physical address
  • Business permits
  • Availability of materials
  • Variety of products
  • The quality of materials etc.


Online scammers and cons are all over, always take your time to validate the existence of the factory before buying Mabati online.

Don’t focus on price and forget to check Quality and the physical address of the factory. Mabati Yetu Factory offers a warranty you can trust and rely on.


The roofing sheets must carry the identity of the factory to help trace them back to the manufacturer. Don’t risk buying low-quality roofing sheets that’ll fade or leak in no time.


Work with your Architect to select the best color for your project. The preferred colors in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi) are tile red, brick red, maroon, green, sea blue, sky blue, chocolate and charcoal grey. Select a color is durable. Mabati YETU offers a warranty you can trust and rely on.

At Mabati Yetu Factory, we customize the length of your roofing sheets to reduce wastage and increase the speed of installation. Mabati YETU Factory has a wide range of roofing sheets and has capacity to manufacture sheets of up to 10m long at no extra cost.


NEVER send money to a personal number. Instead, only make payments through Mpesa Paybill or direct bank transfers. Ensure you get the invoice and ETR/VAT receipt for your payments. Without this the warranty is invalid.

Ignore anyone who try to inbox you privately from our Mabati Yetu Factory Social media Pages. ALWAYS inbox us or call us to confirm whether anyone purporting to be from Mabati Yetu Factory is genuine or a scammer.


We deliver on Time in full. All our products are marked with Mabati Yetu Mark of Quality.

Are you looking to buy Mabati online from a reputable and trusted Factory? Then look no further, place your order for your Mabati today on 0700 667 667.

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