You have most likely imagined what our dream home would look like. You now need to look at critical items to ensure your building delivered safely on time, within budget and to the right quality standard. Before taking on such a large project, there are several things you should know before building a house.

1)  Ensure no-contest on your title deed.

 Ensure the land /plot legally belongs to you.

2) Budget

The budget is the most important consideration to make before starting a a building project. Work with professionals to help you estimate the budget for each step from design, approvals, foundation, walling, roofing, plumbing, electrical wiring and roofing. Start saving early to get you BUILD cost effectively with minimal stoppages.

It may be worthwhile considering spending a few shillings on a Bill of Quantities from a Quantity Surveyor as it could lead help prevent you from getting a hefty variation on your project which could cost many times more and derail your project.

3) Set a schedule

Not only do you need to have to budget for your money, but you also have to budget for your time. Create a schedule for your construction project.

Create a construction file and record useful notes, photographs of similar homes to what you want to build, and types of finishes. Proper planning keeps you ahead of the process to save on time and money.

4) Designs & Project Team

It is important to make sure your home will be structurally safe. Your architect will need to work with structural engineers to confirm your preference of materials and provide calculations for safe and supported construction. The choice of the engineering consultant is sometimes decided by the architect unless you have a preference yourself.

Request your architects to provide you with 3D renderings of the finished construction project before they even get started. 3D renderings provide great detail for making your vision come to life. This is the ultimate blueprint of your project and truly puts into perspective the work that needs to go into the build.

5) Contractors

Your dream home can’t become a reality without the help of a contractor. And some contractors are better than others. Picking a builder will be the most crucial decision that you make during home construction. Do enough research and consider key elements before hiring-The Credentials, Work Experience, insurance, safety management, referrals.

6) Be involved constantly

You should always conduct your own research first and be involved in every stage and every meeting of construction to avoid scope creep and cost escalation. Take the lead in procurement of materials to avoid cost inflation and low-quality materials. Accompany contractors when buying materials and keep all receipts of items bought.

You need to maintain constant communication with the project managers and contractors throughout the process. Although you might not avoid mistakes, communication helps to minimize them. Don’t assume anything and be very specific in describing what you want. Check the project and get regular updates from your constructors. You can even take pictures at each stage to quickly spot any mistakes.

7) Understand The Regulations

Beware of any building rules in the area. Ensure that you follow the rules to avoid penalties that could strain your budget. Before kicking off the project, apply for the required government approvals from the local authority, and ensure that you abide by all the rules. Get proper permits and documentation from the authorities, depending on what you’re constructing. Nowadays, most County governments have Building and Construction departments that’ll guide you on what’s required of you.

8) Think Green and Save as Much As You Can

It would be wise to consider sustainability while building a home. Include some energy-efficient designs to lower electricity costs and minimize carbon footprints. For instance, you can choose to install solar panels or a greywater gardening system. Let your architect position the windows in ways that allow maximum lighting during the day.

9) Build With a Resale Mind

The last thing you want to think about when building a new home is reselling. Nonetheless, the future is so unpredictable, and you need to be very open-minded. Think about what a potential buyer would appreciate in a home and its overall value.

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