Boring? Yes. Important, Yes! 

Our PVC gutter system ensures your property is protected for long while maintaining an aesthetic appeal and enabling you to harvest rainwater. Gutters are important for ensuring water is directed away from the building. Gutters help protect your house and landscaping.

Benefits of UPVC Gutters

  • Anti fungi properties – No bacteriological development on UPVC.
  • Aesthetic – The material is resistant to discoloration and retains solid colors for many years. UPVC gutters retain the original shape and profile throughout their lifespan; problems like rust, fading and brittleness do not apply.
  • Maintenance free – Its closed smooth surface enables easy cleaning by any means though the product is virtually dirt resistant.
  • Easy to install – Practically, any automated or manual processing is possible thus quick and easy to assemble.
  • Durability – UPVC gutters are very durable and last as long as you have a home.



  • Gutters: These are the actual channels that carry rain water away from the roof of the house. Our PVC gutters are easy to install, durable and high performance.
  • Gutter Hanger:our PVC gutter hangers are installed directly on the fascia board using screws. They have strong and durable hooks that keep the gutters sturdy for long. Use a gutter hanger every 60 to 100cm along the length of the gutter for a sturdy gutter system.
  • Gutter Bracket: The gutter brackets provide a secure way for hanging your gutters by providing them extra strength. The gutter brackets wrap around the bottom of the gutter and hook at the top securely. They installed every two feet along the length of the gutter.
  • Gutter Joiner: Two or more pieces of gutters are joined together using the gutter joiners.
  • 90 degree outside corner: The outside corner is used on the ridge of a roof 90 deg angle.
  • 90 degree inside corner: The 90 degree inside corner is used on the valley of a roof.
  • End Cap: Sold as a pair, left and right and are used to close the gutter ends.


  • Drop Outlet: Connects the gutter to the downspout. The drop outlet is used to funnel rainwater from the gutters to the downspout.
  • Retaining Leaf net: The retaining leaf net is used to cover the gutter to prevent leaves from falling into the ditch and blocking the drain of the gutter. The retaining leaf net is fixed on the hanger, and there are small gaps at both ends of the hanger.
  • Downspout: A vertical pipe that carries water away from the house. You only need one length of a downspout for each storey.
  • Downspout Clip: they are used to secure the downspout to the wall. Use two clips for every length of the downspout.
  • 65-degree elbow: A 65-degree elbow is used to bring the downspout from the fascia overhang to the wall. Allow 3 pieces per downpipe.
  • Downpipe: A vertical pipe where water goes through from gutters and roof catchments to the drainage.
  • Pipe Socket for downspout: The connector for 2 pieces of downpipes and is used to connect two lengths of downspouts for Storey buildings.
  • 90 degrees elbow: The 90-degree elbows are ideal for making 90-degree connections where they are needed in the gutter system and especially when connecting the gutter outlet to the downspout. They can also be used to direct water away from the foundation as diverters.
  • 90 degrees diverter: The downspout 90-degree diverter directs water away from the foundation of the house.

All our rain gutters have a warranty of at least 15 years. Contact us today for purchase inquiries.

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