In response to Kenyan’s affordable housing pillar, Mabati Yetu Factory champions two types of Affordable Housing Technologies namely Mabati house designs and Prefabricated structures. Affordable housing begins with careful planning and creativity taking the following aspects into consideration.

  • Optimize the floor plan by eliminating unnecessary hallways.
  • Simplify the plan to remove costs.
  • Make use of natural lighting and ventilation.
  • Consider semi open living room and kitchen plan.
  • A rectangular shaped house costs less compared to a house with a complex layout.
  • The roof shape can add or reduce your budget. Gable, Flat, Shed and Dome-shaped roofs costs less that the other complicated roof shapes.
  • The roof can be in the form of V or a flat roof. The V roof design makes the room appear bigger.

Mabati house designs

Mabati houses are the most affordable and the easiest to build in the market. Mabati houses are made from iron sheets, both roof and walls. Walls can be made using Gauge 30 Mabati.

Iron sheets are attached either on timber or steel frames.  These houses use wooden doors and windows, but you can install metallic doors and windows with glasses.

These houses can be decorated to improve their appearance and make them more habitable for your family so that they enjoy spending their time there. Some ways of improving mabati houses include:

  • Using Gypsum or plywood to provide insulation.
  • Install light gauge PVC ceiling.
  • The backyard can have a garden with seats for relaxing time.
  • Roof insulation with 3mm foil

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Prefabricated house designs are gaining dominance in Kenya. Prefabricated houses are designed in the factory and then transported to construction sites where the parts and components are assembled. These houses are widely accepted in developed countries of the World such as USA, England, France and Germany among others.

These houses are easy and quick to construct and set up to high quality standards at low costs. Prefabricated construction significantly cuts down project costs and timelines and offers durable, secure and esthetically beautiful structures with the finishing on each tailor-made to suit individual tastes and budgets. We work with the leading suppliers to construct beautiful structures made from steel frames and insulated concrete wall panels.

Prefab houses are 30 to 50 percent cheaper than a traditional reinforced concrete and stone house.

Mabati Yetu Factory offers pre-engineered structures for schools, residential houses, clinics, hostels, offices, accommodation units, churches, holiday homes, site houses guest houses and the low-cost housing sector. We guarantee quality building for any of your requirements.