The small mall is a newly constructed building that houses several shops, cafes, and restaurants. The mall’s management had noticed that the building’s roof was not properly insulated, and the previous contractor had used low-quality materials. As a result, the mall’s energy bills were skyrocketing, and the roof was showing signs of damage. The management decided to hire Mabati Roofing to install a new roof.

Mabati Yetu  Roofing’s team of experts determined that the existing roof was beyond repair and needed to be completely replaced. They recommended a new EPDM roofing system, which is known for its durability, energy efficiency, and easy installation.

The new roof installation was completed within the estimated time frame, and the mall was extremely satisfied with the results. The new EPDM roofing system provided superior protection against the elements, improved energy efficiency, and enhanced the mall’s overall appearance.

The mall’s management noticed a significant reduction in their energy bills and reported that the new roof had greatly improved the mall’s overall comfort and temperature control.