The public institute is a large building that houses several departments, including administrative offices, classrooms, and laboratories. The institute’s management had noticed that the building’s roof was deteriorating and leaking, and decided to hire ABC Roofing to install a new one.

The project began with a thorough assessment of the existing roof. ABC Roofing’s team of experts conducted a thorough inspection and identified several issues that needed to be addressed. They discussed these issues with the institute’s management and provided a detailed proposal that outlined the steps needed to install the new roof.

Roofing’s team of experts determined that the existing roof was beyond repair and needed to be completely replaced. They recommended a new TPO roofing system, which is known for its durability and resistance to weathering.

The new roof installation was completed within the estimated time frame, and the institute was extremely satisfied with the results. The new TPO roofing system provided superior protection against the elements, improved energy efficiency, and enhanced the building’s overall appearance.