“Don’t wait for a disaster to strike. Keep your roof safe and secure with professional drone inspections and maintenance.”


We understand some areas that require scanning are harder to access; that is why we deliver high-quality drone inspection services! Our drone inspection service makes it possible to scan roofs, limited areas and fragile sites with high precision. 

We inspect roofs safely using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).
The use of drones to inspect roofs is an effective way to increase speed and assure safety without compromising the integrity of the structure.
We use UAVs with a camera to safely inspect even the largest and tallest roofs.


let us inspect your roof

We use drones with an onboard camera for private property inspections. These can alleviate the necessity for hiring expensive equipment such as scaffolding. Inspecting roofs is a quick and safe process and can help find the source of any problems. The inspection covers aspects as:

  • Regular roof inspections
  • Structural inspections
  • Chimney and flue inspections
  • Gutter inspections
  • Facade inspections

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