What makes Mabati Yetu stand above the rest?

Mabati Yetu Factory products are fabulous with superior aesthetics and are competitively priced. The Mabati Yetu logo is a signature of durability, strength, reliability, National pride and peace of mind.

What makes Mabati Yetu Factory the supplier of choice for roofing Solutions?

At Mabati Yetu Factory, we understand that you invest money and heart into your project, and it’s vital that your new roof is stylish and durable.

  • Mabati Yetu Factory is the One-Stop shop for quality, durable and affordable roofing solutions.
  • Mabati Yetu Factory uses materials which have been selected for tropical climate and are fade free. We give 15 Years Fade Free Warranty that you can trust and rely on.
  • Mabati Yetu Factory provides tailor made, bespoke, custom roofing sheets to reduce wastage and increase the speed of installation. We manufacture roofing sheets of up to 10m long.
  • We offer free delivery nationalwide.
  • Our products are safe for rainwater harvesting.
  • Shopping for Roofing materials can be hectic, Mabati Yetu brings you great solutions minus the hustle through our effective online platform which is easy as 1,2,3. Our team is always eager to answer your questions with patience.
Where is Mabati Factory located?

Mabati Yetu Factory is conveniently located on North Airport Road next to Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA) and Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA). We are just 15 minutes from Nairobi CBD with easy access from Mombasa Road, Depot (ICD), Outering Road, Eastern bypass, Thika Highway, Ruiru and Kangundo Road. Visit Mabati Yetu Factory for epic deals on roofing materials.

What are the longest roofing sheets produced by Mabati Yetu Factory

At Mabati YETU Factory, we provide standard lengths like 2m, 2.5m, 3m and we can also provide custom lengths up to 10m at no extra cost.

Which products do you sell at Mabati Yetu Factory

Mabati YETU Factory is a leading supplier of roofing products. We are the One-Stop shop for:

  • Modern Mabati profiles (Romax, Z-MAX, Brickmax, Euromax, Boxmax & S-MAX).
  • Roofing Accessories – roofing nails, rubber washers, ridges and valleys.
  • Light Gauge Steel (LGS) Trusses.
  • Stone Coated Metal Roofing Tiles.
  • uPVC Gutters.
  • Gypsum Solutions-Channels and studs, gypsum boards.
  • PVC Ceiling Solutions.
  • Roof insulation.
  • Flat Roof Solutions-APP Membrane. 
  • Affordable Housing Technologies.
  • SPC Flooring and Floor Laminates.
  • Fluted Wall Panels (WPC).
  • Carpet Tiles.
Can i purchase items in instalments at Mabati Yetu Factory

Yes, you can. This is covered under our Lipa POLE POLE program that allows our clients to pay for their roofing sheets in up to six (6) non-refundable instalments. Upon completion, we release the roofing sheets and deliver them to your door step as per our terms and conditions. Note that zero  interest is charged on payments.

What payment methods are acceptable at Mabati Yetu factory?

We accept Credit/Debit cards, M-PESA, direct transfer to our bank account and Cheques. In the event we are paid by cheque, the manufacture and delivery of the goods is done after the cheques have been cleared. We do NOT accept cash payments.

Is it possible to collect my order instead of having it delivered to my home / work address/ other address?

Yes, you can collect your products by yourself after purchase and manufacture..

Do your coloured products fade over time ?

Mabati YETU roofing sheets are made using advanced Heat fusion technology which prevents fading and makes the sheets withstand the harsh weather conditions in Africa and last a lifetime. We offer a 15-year product Warranty on fading and peeling of color. Our Quality is the best!

How do i choose a metal roof color?

A roof adds to the aesthetics of your home. Consider selecting a color that contrasts with the rest of the colours on your home. A contrasting color will make the roof visually pop and make the home stand out. Another option is to take a photo of your home and use a visualization tool to see what your home would look like with a metal roof.  The preferred colours in East Africa are tile red, brick red, maroon, green, charcoal grey, sea blue, sky blue, chocolate and signal black.

Can you attach solar panels to a metal roof?

Yes! Solar panels and metal roofing are a great match!

What does gauge mean?

Gauge refers to the thickness of roofing sheets and is measured in millimeters (mm) using a micrometer screw gauge. Gauges 28 and 30 are recommended for residential houses. Gauge 32 is too light and tends to wobble when installers steps over it. Gauges 26 is more strong, durable and ideal for industrial and commercial structures.

What are the advantages of Gypsum studs and channels over timber ?

Gypsum boards are used for suspended ceilings and partition walls. Gypsum board Metal profiles U and C are used for partition walls and suspended ceilings. Gypsum board Metal profiles U and C are increasingly popular among builders and are preferred over timber since they are fire-resistant, termite resistant, Eco Friendly, Light weight, strong and easy to construct.

What do I do if I have a complaint ?

In case of any complains, compliments or comments remember to reach out to us through our Official Email address which is info@mabatiyetu.co.ke. You can alternatively visit our headquarters located at Embakasi, North Airport Road next to Coca Cola Bottling Company.