Romax Roof Tile

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KSh 700.00KSh 2,400.00 Per meter

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The ROMAX Roofing Tile Profile is classic, durable tiles with origins from ancient Greek, Roman and oriental architecture. They come with over 15 years Fade Free Warranty.

This Roman style roofing sheet comes in trendy colors including Charcoal, Brick Red, Chocolate/Maroon, Blue, Green or Tile Red in matte/ wrinkle finish. It is very ideal for roofing modern buildings. Our innovative design is the best in the market.

Effective width: 938.5mm
Effective coverage: 868 mm
Available in G28 and G30 Matte
Length: Length customizable up to 10 meters at no extra cost/meter

Recommended structure

  • Light gauge steel structure – 50 x 50 mm purlins and 100 x 50mm (trusses/rafters) for timber structures.
  • Maximum Purlin Spacing : 600 mm centres.
  • Always overlap the left edge of the sheet over the right edge (looking form outside)
  • Minimum Roof Pitch: 22.62° or 5:12 pitch

Brick Red, Charcoal Grey, Chocolate, Jungle Green, Ocean Blue, Tile Red


Glossy, Matte


28, 30


1.0m, 2m, 2.1m, 2.4m, 2.5m, 2.7m, 3.0m